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martes, mayo 10, 2005

Reino Unido: más dudas sobre el voto-e

Con la mala experiencia del fraude reciente en el voto por correo, crecen las dudas sobre las perspectivas del voto electrónico en Gran Bretaña. Este artículo de subraya este peligro:
David Porter, head of security and risk at Detica, told "There are certainly problems with the current ballot box system but I don't think it could ever be enough to swing the result of an election. Similarly with postal voting, where fraudsters can either apply for your vote or intercept and manipulate it, while fraud poses more of a threat it would still have to be a very large co-ordinated effort to actually sway the result.

"What worries me more is the next step up - to electronic voting. Like in other realms of life, such as shopping or banking, when things go electronic the fraudsters jump on board and can do things quicker and in greater numbers."

A lo que añade Richard Allan, un ex-diputado LibDem:
There is no doubt that many people would find it more convenient to vote from home using their computers but the price we would pay for that convenience in terms of loss of confidence in the results is too great - unless and until the fraud issue can be comprehensively resolved.

With the recent prosecutions for fraud in the postal voting system, concerns about this issue are growing not diminishing, making any widespread introduction of remote e-voting very unlikely.